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Leinster Football Association Under Nineteen Cup Rules

This competition is open to all clubs playing at Under Nineteen level affiliated to any league that is affiliated to the Leinster Football Association unless suspended from playing in this competition for whatever reason.

Player Status
A player must be born on or after January 1st 1996 to be eligible to play in the LFA U19 Cup. Players must be properly registered with the club they are playing with in the competition for at least 1 (one) working day.
No player may play for more than one team in the competition in any one season

Grounds must be properly marked and be in a playable condition, grass cut, etc or otherwise club will be fined. This is subject to a referees report or a designated LFA match delegates report
If the home teams pitch is unavailable / unplayable, and they cannot find an alternative ground, the game will automatically be switched to the opponents ground when refixed.
The home team on the day must pay the full referees fee.
The ground for the semi final must be an enclosed ground and must be capable of allowing an admission fee to be charged if directed by the LFA Youth Committee
The pitch for the semi final must be at a minimum, roped off and all spectators must stand behind this rope

Referees will be appointed by the relevant league that the home club participates in for all fixtures up to and including the quarter finals
From the semi finals onwards, Referees and Assistant Referees will be appointed by the LFA Junior Committee. An official match delegate will be appointed to represent the LFA at these fixtures also

Kick Off times
All kick off times are as defined in the LFA U19 Cup draw booklet and should be the same time and day as their league division
However in the interest of fair play, if a distance to be travelled for an 11am kick off by the away team is deemed to be excessive by the LFA Youth Committee or the General Secretary/Administrator, the kick off time may be changed to a time that suits all parties

Penalties will be used to decide all matches that end in a draw after ten minutes each way extra time, including the semi finals and final
Saturday and Sunday sections may be merged at any point in the competition and first drawn club will have choice of day
Postponements will not be granted. Clubs seeking “free weekends” from their league should note that they may be required to fulfil cup fixtures on those dates
Abandoned games will be investigated by the Youth Committee and if the match is being refixed, the venue shall be decided by the Committee
Clubs must play in their registered colours. In the event of a clash, the home team must change
Teams may nominate up to seven substitutes in writing to the referee before the match but may not use more than three of the named substitutes
The winning team shall be presented with the LFA U19 Cup and should be returned to the Association by February 28th undamaged and in good condition. Failure to do so may result in the club being fined or billed for the repair or replacement of the cup
Each team in the final will be presented with twenty medals, eighteen for the players and one each for the manager and secretary. Any extra medals required must be ordered and paid for through the Association

Players ordered off in a match shall be automatically suspended for the next match in the competition. If they lose, their automatic suspension shall be served in their next domestic match. Any additional suspensions shall be forwarded to the club secretary
There is no appeal against an automatic one match suspension except in the case of mistaken identity
Any player, official or club may be requested to attend before a Disciplinary Committee based on the referees report, persons failing to attend without a satisfactory reason shall be dealt with as the committee deems fit
Any team who gives a walkover in the competition can be fined up to €100 and may be excluded from the next seasons competition

Protest and Appeal Proceedure
All protests must be made by registered post to General Secretary LFA, and an exact copy must be sent to the club being protested against.
Protest must be made within four working days of the game taking place and must include protest fee of €50.
Fee must be paid by bank draft or postal order. Cheque or cash will rule the protest out of order.
Protest must be addressed to. General Secretary, Leinster Football Association, FAI Headquarters, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15

If a club is unhappy with the decision of the LFA Youth Committee, they may appeal that decision to the LFA Senior Council within four working days of the decision being appealed against being received.
An exact copy of the appeal must be sent to the LFA Youth Committee
Appeal fee is €200
Fee must be paid by bank draft or postal order. Cheque or cash will rule the appeal out of order.
Appeal must be addressed to. General Secretary, Leinster Football Association, FAI Headquarters, National Sports Campus, Abbotstown, Dublin 15

Home team to text result to 086 7700829 immediately after match